The Show

Amazing George is a tribute show dedicated to George Michael. Its purpose is to reproduce in details the music, the performances and the emotions about one of the greatest singers of all time. The show is minutely studied and prepared, in order to deliver the audience an exciting mix of elegance, magic and extremely high-quality music. The stage will be seeing dancers, choristers, special guests, but most of all shall be delivering so many different vibes. It will be a structured performance offering catching moments, alternated to more emotional and intimate ones, though all of it will be topped with a touch of elegance and class that always represented George Michael. All performers and musicians are long dated professionals who have toured and walked the artistic environment for a long time; this will ensure an outstanding and unique spectator experience. A one of a kind show that simply won’t be forgotten.

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The Band

Giacomo Cordioli Lead Vocals
Matteo Milani Guitars
Sebastiano Zanotto Bass
Matteo Vellucci Drums

Amazing George



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